We has been operating since 2007 producing and selling  13 years in the glove Industry and 
we have established business partners who are brands all over the world.

Why choose  ‘’SHARK GLOVES’’

Experience & Knowledge

๐  13 years in the gloves Industy
๐  We export to anywhere globally.
๐  Providing professional after sales services.
๐  Supporting manufactures with various gloves including 
    Elcetro-Static Dissipative (ESD) Gloves, Cloth Gloves, Half
    Dip Latex Safety Gloves.

๐  Expertise expanded to Nitrile Medical Gloves, Latex
    Medical Gloves including Sterile.
๐  Continuous Learning - Trends , Technology, Education,
    tips and trick. to ensure project success.


Visiblity & Transparency

๐  You'll always know what you're getting and what we are doing
๐  You have access to what is always happening through a
     cloud-based project management platform that keeps you
     updated on everything we're doing





Our Product Disposable & Medical gloves